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July 8, 2009 @ 9:54 am
Wind Power Isn’t Just for Midwest…

Especially since Boone Pickens just dramatically scaled back and is revising his Texas wind farm plans. It’s true that the Midwestern states form the best corridor in the U.S. but this isn’t stopping New Yorkers like me from buying wind power. I was planning to do a carbon footprint post in the future and Con-Ed must have heard me thinking about it because they recently sent me my “wind power certificate.”


You see, through a new subsidiary called Con-Ed Solutions, they began offering customers the chance to buy wind generated electricity. They warned that the supply component of my bill would increase by ~10% but I saw that as a fair price to pay and was thus instigated to take efficiency measures. For little cost or no cost I have done the following:
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  1. Replaced all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents that use much less energy (~75% less) and have the added benefit of generating less heat as a result of their efficiency
  2. Only run my dishwasher after 10pm or before 10am on weekdays or on weekends to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates (check with your local provider to find out when these rates apply)
  3. Completely powering down my home entertainment system when not in use (sleep modes still suck electricity) with the exception of my cable box which I plugged directly into an outlet so that it didn’t need to be reset every time I turned the surge protector back on

As I result, my electricity bills have remained constant and my annualized carbon footprint has shrunk by 4,104 pounds (based on 225 kwh/month at 1.5 pounds saved/kwh). In a future post I will calculate my year to date carbon footprint for the first 6 months of 2009.


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