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August 4, 2009 @ 5:13 pm
Green Living for Fashionistas

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fashion-modelDid you ever oversleep only to realize that it’s pouring rain outside and you’ll never be able to get a cab crosstown to make your pre-fashion show fitting on time? Eh…neither have I, but a new rental building endeavors to solve that problem with green features in a traditional luxury apartment package. I’ve been doing some contract sales work at an office in New York’s Garment District for several months and recently noticed a large apartment building nearing completion on W. 38th Street. Upon further research, I discovered it is Emerald Green, the latest rental development by Glenwood, a New York real estate firm. More importantly, as the name suggests, the building is LEED Certified.  

I’m guessing the units won’t come cheap – I couldn’t get any pricing on them – the leasing office opens later this month. However, residents will save money on energy costs and feel good about their lower carbon footprint homes. As an added benefit, the fashionistas won’t have to go far to score big savings at all of the underground sample sales held by up and coming designers in the area.

Personally, I’m hoping this upscale addition to the neighborhood becomes a green, gentrifying anchor. Despite the density of fashion businesses, the neighborhood is quite dirty and unappealing. At street level, it is littered with numerous downscale merchants, vendors and eateries and crowded by fume spewing delivery trucks. One of the interesting characters passing through today decided to punch a payphone booth for no apparent reason…There are some diamonds in the rough though, such as Houndstooth Pub and Chef Yu. With nice, green homes, more are sure to follow.

Photo: José Miguel Serrano via Flickr
Model: María Cecilia Domínguez


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