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June 21, 2009 @ 2:35 pm

I’m pleased to welcome you all to The idea for this blog has been gestating for a few months now and I’m happy to be giving birth to it today on this Summer Solstice ’09. According to ancient religions, “Midsummer is the time when the sun reaches the peak of its power, the earth is green and holds the promise of a bountiful harvest. The Mother Goddess is viewed as heavily pregnant, and the God is at the apex of his manhood and is honored in his guise as the supreme sun.


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Notably, we are currently witnessing the emergence of energy and environmental tipping points that will change the landscape of industry well into the foreseeable future. A good reference is the Resource Management Revolution of CSIS’s Seven Revolutions project. A few statistics from their commentary: 
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  • Food – “…to meet projected demand, cereal production will have to increase by nearly 50% and meat production by 85% from 2000 to 2030.”
  • Water – “…by 2025, an estimated 3.5 billion people, or nearly half of the world’s population, will face serious constraints on their capacity to meet water demands.”
  • Energy – “…the number of cars in China could rise from 12 million in 2004 to 500 million by 2050. In India, the number of cars could increase even faster, from 5 million to 600 million. Compare these numbers to the 200 million vehicles currently on the road in the United States—a vehicle fleet which consumes about 11 percent of the world’s current daily oil output.”

As you can probably tell by now, I will endeavor to stimulate dialogue that will both entertain and educate not only you but me as well. My primary focus will be on all things green building oriented. I will also touch on green tech/clean teach and alternative/renewable energy. I have been reading about and studying these topics for some time now and I’m eager to extend my footprint and broadcast my insights. Lastly, I strive to be a renaissance man so maybe I’ll even go completely off topic from time to time (ironically, this sentence seems very out of place doesn’t it?). Now, go have a look around – find out more about my background, my product and service offerings, visit my advertisers or my links – whatever your heart desires. Come back often for new posts and why not head to the “Featured” tab right now for my article on Masdar City.
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