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August 7, 2009 @ 10:37 am
Malaysia Focus Part 2: GTower – First Internationally Recognized Green Building

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Now leasing, GTower on Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) is the first Malaysian building to receive an international green certification. Singapore’s Building & Construction Authority has given it provisional status as a Green Mark Gold rated building. The building is a 30-story twin tower owned by Goldis Berhad (Goldis) and was built at an estimated cost of RM470 million ($134 million). It is a mixed-use development containing a 180-room 5-star hotel, 100,000 ft2 of general office space, another ~400,000 ft2 spread amongst 112 CEO duplex suites and numerous meeting rooms. Additionally, there is a private club, lobby bar/café, rooftop bar, other food & beverage outlets and a wellness floor with gym, yoga, spa and pool facilities.

The building is designed to maximize energy and water efficiency. According to Colin Ng, Head of Corporate Investment at Goldis, energy efficient building systems will cut carbon dioxide emissions by at least 60% (Source: The Green Channel). The IT infrastructure alone is expected to produce 30% energy savings. They installed 3Com’s Intelligent Building Solutions (3CiBS) products which combine state of the art hardware and software that optimize network capacity while reducing power consumption and carbon emissions.

After construction began, Goldis brought on a consultant to implement green features. This Architecture Malaysia article provides more details. Five areas were addressed with a multitude of technologies and installations:

  • Energy Efficiency – double glazed windows; efficient chiller plant system for cooling; efficient lighting system with sensors and controls to minimize usage; efficient elevators/escalators; extensive use of green roofing, landscaping and green walls


  • Water Efficiency – efficient fittings (faucets, toilets, showers, etc.) connecting to building management system to monitor leakage, etc.; rain water harvesting for irrigation of all the greenery; collection of condensate for water tanks
  • Site & Project Management – direct link to LRT station (mass transit train); monitoring and reduction of construction waste; extensive use of recycled building materials
  • Indoor Environmental Quality & Environmental Protection – dynamic ventilation through building management system; monitoring and detection of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and refrigerant chemicals; low VOC paint and wallpaper
  • Energy, Water and Waste Innovations – heat recovery system; eco-cool outdoor air coolers; eco friendly pool sanitation; auto-tube cleaning system for chiller; anti-corrosion coating for air handling units; organic fish pond (to provide fish for restaurants in building); recycling center; bridge bar made of all recycled materials

This is a showcase building for Goldis and if lease up goes well it should be the first of many similarly outfitted buildings in Kuala Lumpur and throughout Malaysia. 

Photo Rendering: Malaysia Hotel News
Site Plan: Architecture Malaysia

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