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AC/Refrigeration/Chiller Catalyst
Exterior Coating System
Green Roof Medium
LED Lighting

AC/Refrigeration/Chiller Catalyst
This product is beneficial for any cooling unit that uses a mechanical compressor and chemical refrigerant. Ideal applications include central air units, industrial/utility scale chillers, refrigerated warehouses, walk-in coolers, data center cooling and more. The catalyst:

  • Provides electricity cost savings up to 20%+
  • Gets up to 5 degrees colder vent air
  • Permanently removes oil fouling boundaries to restore lost heat exchange
  • Causes refrigerant to boil at a lower temperature to produce colder return air
  • Increases the oil lubricity of the equipment up to 18%
  • Is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, synthetic ionic, antioxidant compound
  • Lasts the life of your system
Catalyst illustration
(Courtesy: IceCold)

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Exterior Coating System
This product can be substituted for virtually any exterior painting application. It is ideal for homes, schools, government buildings, retail stores and malls, industrial and commercial buildings, warehouses, municipal complexes, hotels, condominiums, apartment buildings and more. The coating:

  • Reduces cooling costs by up to 21.9% *
  • Can be applied to numerous surfaces including wood, stucco, brick, concrete and cinder block
  • Is guaranteed not to peel, chip or flake
  • Offers superior fade resistance (10+ years vs. 3 years for conventional paints)
  • Is available in 570+ colors from bright white to dark black
  • Has low VOCs; meets LEED and other green building requirements
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

    * US Dept. of Energy study conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Before and after heat readings
Actual infrared image illustrating wall temperatures (Courtesy: Tex-Cote)

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Green Roof Medium
This soil compound is versatile enough to suit virtually any green roof construction whether extensive or intensive and can be supplied in truckloads or pre-planted modular trays. Originally developed at New York University, this soil medium:

  • Is almost 50% lighter than any other green roof medium, thus rarely requiring any additional roof support
  • Retains 200% of its weight in water, easily capturing the majority of stormwater
  • Insulates your building to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Contributes credits for LEED Certification
  • Is made from non-toxic recycled polystyrene, organic pectin and high quality finished compost
Green Roof illustration
(Copyright © American Wick Drain Corporation)

In addition to being attractive, green roofs offer private green space, extend roof life, increase property value and can provide tax benefits. Contact me for more information and/or request a brochure now.

LED Lighting
LED’s are an energy efficient lighting solution for numerous applications and the major product we offer is specially designed to seamlessly replace to most common fluorescent tubes found residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The lights:

  • Consume only 12 watts and throw off almost no heat
  • Consume 62.5% fewer watt-hours vs. a standard T8 bulb rated at 32 watts
  • Last a minimum of 50,000 hours (equivalent to 24 hours a day for 5.7 years)
  • Provide ample light in either Cool White or Warm White
  • Operate silently
LED photo
(Courtesy: CML-IT)

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